Sunday, March 30, 2003

Good riddance to useless lying filth. Of course, they'll probably hire Anne Coulter to replace her. "Fair and balanced" and and all that crap. Stupid morons at CNN still want to be Faux News Lite. What idiots.

Connie Chung Will Leave CNN

CNN has told Connie Chung, one of its most prominent anchors, that it has dropped her prime-time program, effective immediately. Although CNN asked her to stay in some other capacity, she declined and will leave the network, an associate of Ms. Chung said last night.
CNN: You LYING WHORES! France (and many, many other countries) are FED UP with your jingoistic propaganda! Your days are numbers, Presstitutes! I will watch your downfall with great joy. Liars. You have blood on your hands, Aaron Brown! And you can NEVER wash it off. Viva la France!

Chirac demands France creates a rival to CNN

President Jacques Chirac has ordered his officials to draw up plans for a French-language, international television channel to counter the growing influence of the BBC and CNN.

He has demanded that the blueprint for the service - already nicknamed "CNN a la Francaise" - be ready by the end of next month as he has become increasingly irritated by the "Anglo-Saxon" view of global events which is being beamed into millions of homes and hotel rooms around the world.


"We've been concerned for a long time that the BBC and CNN reporting on events from a British or American perspective and in English," said a government official. "As recent events have shown, France may see things differently and we feel it is important that we get our message across."

It's getting hard to be pro-American


Actually, the thing that really sent me nuts was the sight of Lou Dobbs, the magnificently portentous host of CNN's Moneyline, ending his rather starchy financial show with an unprecedented musical number, extolling the advantages of "getting Saddam".

In recognition of the country's exceptional circumstances, Dobbs had procured two wan-looking cowboy types to perform a dirge-like ditty called Have You Forgotten? While footage of the disintegrating World
Trade Centre flashed up on the screen, they yodelled their priceless doggerel: "Some people say that with this war, we're just looking for a fight, I say, after 9/11 ? well, that's all right."

I still love America. I really do. I know, in my sane mind, that tubby Lou Dobbs is not the representative of the country's best qualities and principles. Still, watching him nodding his head feelingly to this
moronic ditty, I felt, for the first time in a long time, a stab of primitive anti-American loathing. "Turn it off! Turn it off!" I found myself yelling at my bewildered boyfriend. "What the hell is wrong with
you people, anyway?" I dare say even Lord Haw-Haw had his limits.