Saturday, February 15, 2003

CNN should fire the useless and pathetic Paula Zahn and promote Maria Hinojosa. Give her a big raise as well. Hey, Aaron Brown, Candy Crowley, Wolf Blitzer --- and ALL the Presstitutes at CNN --- THIS is what real reporting looks and sounds like. Take notes.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- When I was in the Bronx yesterday reporting on this story, a middle-aged woman was giving out leaflets in the bitter cold -- 10 degrees in the heart of the Bronx.

When I went up to ask her about her story, I didn't expect to hear this – I thought she would tell me she was a longtime activist -- she said to me, "I've never done this before in my life. I have never been involved in a protest movement."

She said, "I have never given out leaflets, but my son is in the Marines, and he went into the Marines because he needed money to pay for his education, and now he's going to have to die for it?"

Her story continued.

"I raised my son to appreciate life," she said. "It's not that I'm afraid of him dying. I don't want him killing innocent people because that's not the way I raised him."

And that just stopped me in my tracks: The sense of people who might have sons in the Marines, who might be extremely patriotic, but have a tremendous fear of what might happen if their own children are involved in a situation where there might be lots of deaths.

There's alot more at the link... Serious KUDOS to Maria Hinojosa!!!!!

Culled from this story (from CBS, not CNN): Anti-War protest numbers from around the world...

Rome 3 million (organizers' estimate)
London 500,000 to 1 million
Berlin 300,000 to 500,000 (police estimate)
Damascus, Syria 200,000
Melbourne 150,000 (police est) 200,000 (organizers)
Paris and other French cities tens of thousands
Oslo 60,000 (police estimate)
Brussels 50,000 in bitter cold
Stockholm 35,000 in frigid weather
Canberra, Australia 3,000 to 5,000

Amsterdam 10,000
Copenhagen 10,000
Greek port of Thessaloniki 10,000
Athens several thousand
across New Zealand thousands
Bulgaria, Hungary, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand: thousands
Tokyo 6,000 on Friday, more planned today
Capetown 5,000
Wellington, New Zealand 5,000
Auckland, New Zealand several thousand
Johannesburg 4,000
Vienna 3,000
Dhaka, Bangladesh 2,000
Bangkok 2,000
Sofia, the Bulgarian capital 2,000
Braving biting cold and snow flurries in Ukraine 2,000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1,500
Seoul, South Korea 1,500
Hong Kong 600
Cyprus 500
Prague 500

(thanks, Zan)

UPDATE: I'm now hearing 1.25 Million in London, surpassing the amazing "VE Day" [Victory in Europe] celebrations at the end of World War Two!!

(thanks, Richard)

CNN showed an aerial view of today's protest in London -- for about one second! They immediately cut to extended footage of Iraqi's burning a US flag. Then Presstitute Suzanne Malveaux came on and wondered aloud why there were protests NOW, since Junior has been flogging his Oil War for months (with the help of CNN, of course). She actually said (paraphrased from memory) "We've only seen a dozen protesters here, two dozen there, why are they protesting now?"

Say what? Excuse me, Suzanne, what planet are you from? Are you truly that dense and uninformed? Just because CNN ignores protests doesn't mean they don't happen. Does the date January 18th mean anything to you? There were massive anti-War demonstrations all over the country -- INCLUDING several hundred thousand people in D.C.!!!

This is ridiculous. Call CNN's Feedback line at 404-827-1500 and DEMAND that they provide accurate coverage of this weekend's anti-War protests!
I understand that Aaron Brown is being "snippy" to his critics again. Hey Aaron --- if you are going to lie and shill for these warmongers, you have to take the heat when you are called on it. Got it?

Email Aaron Brown and ask him to start telling the truth. Ask him to start giving voice to the millions of people who oppose this Oil War. Ask him whatever happened to standards of integrity in journalism. Be polite.
Here is CNN's transcript of Hans Blix presentation to the U.N.

Here is the BBC's transcript of Hans Blix presentation to the U.N.

Note that the CNN "transcript" has some very important information missing, including, but not limited to, the following slap at Colin Powell for blatantly LYING in his testimony:

The presentation of intelligence information by the US secretary of state suggested that Iraq had prepared for inspections by cleaning up sites and removing evidence of proscribed weapons programmes.

I would like to comment only on one case, which we are familiar with, namely, the trucks identified by analysts as being for chemical decontamination at a munitions depot.

This was a declared site, and it was certainly one of the sites Iraq would have expected us to inspect.

We have noted that the two satellite images of the site were taken several weeks apart.

(thanks to tinnypriv)

CNN is nothing but a propaganda organ for our Unelected Warmongering Government. They prove that fact over and over and over again. DO NOT WATCH CNN. DO NOT PATRONIZE THEIR ADVERTISERS.


CNN: "Not least against this background, a letter of the 12th of February from Iraq's National and Monitoring Directorate may be irrelevant."

BBC: "Not least against this background, a letter of 12 February from Iraq's National Monitoring Directorate may be of relevance."

Friday, February 14, 2003

CNN LIES Presents The Best of Connie Chung: Cut and Paste Edition...

CONNIE CHUNG, HOST: Good evening, I'm Connie Chung.

Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet remains a figure of controversy. Critics hold him responsible in part for intelligence lapses prior to September 11. Do you believe that he's actually concealing information? Well, you know what? He's just rubbing up against me here. I'm wondering if that foam spray or any kind of gel would be better or usable. Would it be best to go into your basement if you have one? Listen to those screams.

Still ahead: the threats of terrorism haven't slowed down U.S. Plans for war with Iraq. Stay with us.

Tomorrow: If it's no longer if, but when the U.S. goes to war, when will that be? That's extraordinary.

The most honest and relevant dialogue in America today comes from the writers of Letters to the Editor in various newspapers around the country. Most Op-Ed pieces are full of crap, spouting White House propaganda, but many letter writers get it: they know they are being propagandized and misinformed. And they are justifiably angry.

Bush and cronies are on a vendetta

Are you willing to lay down your loved one's life because President Bush and his Cabinet say Saddam Hussein is evil?

War is not just pushing buttons. Among the many who will die will be American soldiers, our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

Colin Powell's photos were of sites well known to U.N. inspectors; the sites had been inspected before and were inspected after his speech. Al-Qaida, a zealous, religious, shady and uncontrollable fringe organization, is not a likely partner of a secular control-freak dictator such as Saddam; far more likely he wants to wipe them off the face of the earth as much as we do.

Question what CNN, NBC and FOX have to say. Inform yourself from other sources: The BBC, Al Jazeera, National Public Radio, Univision, Pravda and others are available to help you know the whole picture.

This impending war is a personal and ideological vendetta of Bush and others in the White House. Are you willing to lay down your loved one's life because they say Saddam is evil?


False Alarm? Terror Alert Partly Based on Fabricated Information

A key piece of the information leading to recent terror alerts was fabricated, according to two senior law enforcement officials in Washington and New York.

The officials said that a claim made by a captured al Qaeda member that Washington, New York or Florida would be hit by a "dirty bomb" sometime this week had proven to be a product of his imagination.

Hmmm. Big news, yes? This "Code Orange" and duct tape media tango has all been based on fabricated information. And yet -- when I just searched CNN's website for "fabricated terror information" the search came up completely empty. Strange, yes?

No. It's par for the course. CNN LIES.
Heartland sees no rush on duct tape

DENVER -- Inside the Washington Beltway, there are missile launchers on the Mall and empty shelves at stores selling duct tape and bottled water. But here in the heartland, attitudes toward the government's latest terrorism alert tend to be closer to the views of ''Keith in Littleton,'' who called a talk show on Denver's KHOW radio station. ''I don't think I'm going to rush out and buy duct tape,'' Keith told KHOW host Scott Redmond. '''But if I had some, I'd use it to seal up the mouths of those jerks in Washington who are trying to scare everybody.''

That pretty much says it all. I would only add that we should also send a few dozen cartons of duct tape to CNN to seal up the mouths of the lying Presstitutes who go on CNN and tell LIES designed to frighten and confuse the American public. Any volunteers?

Thursday, February 13, 2003

ClearChannel (wingnut) Radio just got BUSTED! WAR WAR WAR all the time --- and just LOOK at who they are turning to for guidance on covering Junior's Oil War...

Clearchannel: Preparing for war



Make certain that we are monitoring CNN and ABC's Sat Que. Sat Que must be turned up loud. We can not just rely on someone occasionally checking the wires. Do NOT turn down the volume on ABC Sat Que. Ross, please consider setting the volume high and removing the volume knob, otherwise someone will turn it down and you'll miss an important bulletin.

Board ops: The second you get a notification that war has begun make sure you are prepared to hit news bulletin sounder and get the information on IMMEDIATELY. As soon as it is offered, cut to network updates or long-form coverage immediately. Then call and page Ken and Cristi.

If War breaks out after 10AM M-F please make sure that we call Joe and Jack to come in and take KSTE into long-form as well.

Our Coverage will be called America's War with Iraq In writing copy please call our coverage, 'LIVE In-Depth Team Coverage of America's War with Iraq.'

After a major terror attack or after the war begins take all presidential addresses and public appearances.


CNN-TV audio feed will undoublty be our first on air coverage. Make certain that you know how to bring CNN up on the boards of both KFBK and KSTE. They were first by a mile in 1991 during the Persian Gulf War and again on September 11th. Despite all the news sources out there they are the best in spot situations and could be first again.

When the war begins take What CNN and ABC offer. Go to long form as soon as they offer it. Turn it up and let it go.

Isn't that special. To them, war, and the ensuing casualties, are nothing but PRODUCT.

And they look to CNN for guidance.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

It's a start.

Here's our "Media" on Bush. Babble babble babble Democrats suck Bush is God Babble babble babble....

Jeezus, when are the American people going to wake up? We've been taken on a (very expensive) ride.

HOLD THESE LYING WHORES ACCOUNTABLE, PEOPLE! They have royally F*CKED our country, and the world. And CNN/TimeWarner/AOL is FIRST ON THE LIST.

Look: I realize that, so far, in George Bush's America, the Corporate scam artists who are raping our country have been getting a free pass. They will CONTINUE to get a free pass unless enough of us speak out.

So: Just do it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

One other thing: I'm planning to launch an organized "BOYCOTT CNN" campaign, and would really appreciate suggestions on making it as effective and broadreaching as possible. Please email me with thoughts, ideas and snarky commentary.
I'm so furious about CNN's LYING COVERAGE of the "Osama" tape that I am going to withhold most comments for now. Just know that A) they are lying to you and B) let's wait for an independent evaluation of this tape. Remember the last "Osama" tape? Our CIA declared it "legit" and the Presstitutes in this country lined up behind them -- THEN independent analysis of the tape deemed it a fake.

And just who is the Bush Family friend "Osama" anyway? Does this creature even exist anymore? He was, of course, trained and armed by OUR CIA when Bush's Daddy was in charge of that unsavory bunch. But who is he now? Has he morphed again? Or is Osama just a phantom "enemy" that our CIA pulls out whenever the world-at-large isn't buying their latest B.S.? The timing of the release of this tape is sure suspicious. I don't believe a word of it. Neither should you.

Didn't the Chimpanzee-In-Chief just give Saddam a 48-hour warning to "get outa town"? Geezus, I'm so sick of these crazy cowboy nutcases with their fingers on the trigger. The Bush Administration policies are almost GUARANTEEING the deaths of many, many thousands of people, both here AND in Iraq.

Finally, I want to know how Lying Psychopath Colin Powell could have possibly had access to a transcript of a tape that Al Jazeera claimed at the time (rather vehemently) that they did NOT even have in their possession? The only possible answers are A) Powell was lying to the Senate or B) the tape was created and planted by our Government and Powell had access to it prior to the planting with Al Jazeera. Either way, that makes Colin Powell a TRAITOR to our country, and to the world. At one time I had some amount of respect for Colin Powell. No longer.

And why didn't Powell note in his testimony before the Senate that Bin Laden called Hussein an "infidel" on the tape? Even in the santitized (read: lying) versions of the tape being flogged in our media, that quote remains uncensored.

Please send me your observations of CNN's fake coverage of this mostly manufactured, non-event. Our Presstitutes press on (and spend those big paychecks, dontcha know!).
This Blogger lives in Baghdad.

You just make it sound so easy, you know it’s not. But what the hell, after watching the victorious American army march thru the streets of Baghdad you’ll just turn CNN off and look for another show.

Jack, I hope you understand my view, we simply don’t trust the motives of your government. And if that government is going to war with Iraq we are not naïve to think that they are doing it because they want to spread love and freedom. I am not even sure peace and freedom are going to be among the side effects of that war.
This is not CNN-specific, but pertains to our pathetic Corporate Press in general. I encourage everyone to take the time to contact the Big Three networks and ask them to Do The Right Thing (email addresses at the link).

ACTION ALERT: Broadcast Networks File FCC Comments-- But Not Stories

The review of media ownership rules underway at the Federal Communications Commission will have an enormous impact on the future of broadcasting and on media diversity. The FCC is considering repealing or altering a number of key rules that limit media consolidation. But you wouldn't know any of this from watching network television news.

Media companies stand to gain a lot from a relaxation of the ownership caps. So it is no surprise that NBC/General Electric, ABC/Disney and CBS/Viacom have all filed comments with the FCC.

It's what they haven't done that is more troubling: None of the big three networks have found the story worth reporting in depth. Since the FCC issued its notice on the ownership rules last September, a search of the Nexis news database turns up one network story: a short summary of the FCC's announcement on ABC's World News This Morning (9/9/02), which according to the transcript aired at 4:30 AM.

So, people who rely on network TV for their news are almost certainly unaware that the FCC is poised to roll back regulations that currently prevent networks from buying many of their independently owned affiliates. Or that the agency may soon allow one major network to buy another. Or that rules that have kept the newspaper business separate from the TV industry may soon be a thing of the past.
Media mogul Turner derides attack on Iraq

WASHINGTON -- Former AOL Time Warner vice-chairman Ted Turner, once known as the Mouth of the South, unleashed his famous tongue again yesterday, criticizing the growing likelihood of a U.S. attack on Baghdad and suggesting that military action is a ridiculous way to bring down Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

"We got all the bombs and they don't have very much but a few guns. It's the high-tech wealthy Western nation against the Third World country; it's kind of a foregone conclusion that we'll win. It's a question of how many civilians get killed over there -- that's what worries me," Mr. Turner said. "We're trying to get one man, right? And we're going to kill tens of thousands of people to get him. It seems like a pretty inefficient way to do things."


The tycoon denied rumours that he plans to buy back CNN and reinstate the network's original core values, in which showmanship took a back seat to journalism.

"Connie Chung's just awful," he said, referring to the high-priced star CNN hired last spring. "I'd love to get [the network] back. I just don't see how I can make it happen."


A note from a reader:

Came in from walking the dog this morning and turned on CNN. They were doing a profile on Kim Jong Il. They rightfully broke into it for live coverage of a speech by Kofi Annan. It was a pretty major speech in which he was basically saying that the US should be on the same page with the UN before taking any action against Iraq. I guess CNN didn't want the public to hear too much of that, because they broke away to air their puff piece about Colin Powell, most of which has been seen at least a dozen times. Don't want the news getting in the way of flogging their dirty little war.

Dan in Santa Barbara

You are absolutely right, Dan. CNN can't afford to allow too many Americans to know the truth about this war --- more people might actually wake up to the horror being inflicted on the world by our unelected Government. CNN is nothing but a rightwing pro-war, pro-business propaganda organ.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

The World Says No to War

Saturday, February 15th
New York City
Assemble at noon
First Avenue stretching north from 49th Street