Friday, January 31, 2003

THIS is who Bush plans to bomb. "Shock and awe" my ass.

This is genocide. Wake up, people. The clock is ticking.
Hans Blix says in an interview that Bush and his henchmen are LYING about his report. Read all about it here. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

US is misquoting my Iraq report, says Blix


Dr Blix took issue with what he said were US Secretary of State Colin Powell's claims that the inspectors had found that Iraqi officials were hiding and moving illicit materials within and outside of Iraq to prevent their discovery. He said that the inspectors had reported no such incidents.

Similarly, he said, he had not seen convincing evidence that Iraq was sending weapons scientists to other countries to prevent them from being interviewed.

Nor had he any reason to believe, as President George Bush charged in his State of the Union speech, that Iraqi agents were posing as scientists, or that his inspection agency had been penetrated by Iraqi agents and that sensitive information might have been leaked to Baghdad.

Finally, he said, he had seen no persuasive indications of Iraqi ties to al-Qaeda. "There are other states where there appear to be stronger links," such as Afghanistan, Dr Blix said. "It's bad enough that Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction."

The Chief Weapons Inspector is (politely) calling George W. Bush AND Colin Powell LIARS, got that? So is CNN covering this astounding story? Of course not. I just searched their website by date. Nada. Zilch.

This situation --- our Media LYING to us daily, hourly --- is getting deadly serious, folks. And I do mean deadly. We are in it deeper by the day, and all the Presstitutes do is repeat White House talking points and tell us blatant and dangerous lies. I truly hope that someday these Corporate Whores are held accountable for what they have done to us and to the rest of the world.

The mind boggles. (...and CNN Lies.)

UPDATE: Checking in hours later... STILL NOTHING from CNN on Hans Blix calling Junior a liar. Still waiting....
Speaking of Crossfire, can Tucker Carlson open his mouth without lying? Just asking. THE LIE:

CARLSON: Without the American government, apartheid would still be in South Africa, just so we can get that straight.


Dick Cheney is relying on our cultural amnesia to wipe away his record on South Africa


Overtly and covertly, the Reagan administration moved to strengthen the apartheid regime. Jeanne Kirkpatrick, then the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, fought every attempt to impose sanctions. The late William Casey, as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, intensified cooperation with the South African Bureau of State Security and military intelligence agencies. He went so far as to secretly visit Pretoria to confer with the racist murderers who ran those agencies.

Meanwhile, of course, the Republican leadership in Congress, including Cheney, also opposed every effort to impose economic sanctions. He voted against sanctions in various forms at least 10 times between 1983 and 1988. There is no evidence that Cheney ever spoke up for freedom and human rights in South Africa -- although in that respect he was merely a typical Republican politician of his time.

Certainly, some American politicians supported the end of apartheid. They were called DEMOCRATS.
Subj: Dead Carp Smell

From a Letter to Buzzflash:

Thursday, Jan 30, Crossfire's audience was stacked with pro-republicans. They howled and clapped at every falsehood Carlson could muster up. That was out of character for Crossfire too. Begala and Carville normally get plenty of audience support and it has been evident on past shows because of clapping approval of what they say. The clapping approval on Thursday's Crossfire indicated that the audience was approximately 75% republican and 25% democrat/independent.

How 'bout it Buzzers... did anyone else see this? If so, does it smell fishy to you too?
This one is not about CNN, but the other major Presstitute institution based in Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Today they published for the SECOND TIME this GOP Leader-produced piece of "astroturf". What makes this extra appauling is that I wrote to the Letters Editor AND the Editorial Page Editor and warned them that they'd been tricked when they published this thing the FIRST time! Of course, my letter and warning went totally ignored, and now they've published it AGAIN!

Bush plan helps every sector

When it comes to the economy, President Bush is demonstrating genuine leadership blah blah blah yadda yadda...

Please (politely) email the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and let them know we EXPECT better Journalistic standards from them.

Letters Editor

Cynthia Tucker, Senior Editorial Page Editor

Please let me know if you hear back from them, they always completely ignore my letters.

And, speaking of "astroturf" here's yet another column about this disturbing and dishonest trend:

Faking the voice of the people

WASHINGTON - What happens when the voice of the people gets as fake as a television laugh track?

That's what's happening to the "letters to the editor" column in scores of newspapers today, thanks to a tactic known as "AstroTurf." Borrowing a trick from lobbyists, interest groups are using phony grass roots letter writing campaigns to puff up their support.

This week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) was caught distributing a form letter praising President Bush that ended up printed, often verbatim, in nearly 75 papers, according to "Fight Back Against Killer Astroturf," one of the many Internet "blogs" tracking this story.

Wolf Blitzer is a disgrace to television journalism. On his Wednesday show his guests were Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, and Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter of California. Wolfie was dismissive and rude to Dennis Kucinich and told him he was "WRONG" for voicing his disagreement with Shrub's Oil War 2!

BLITZER: Congressman Kucinich, I'll begin with you. You're very anti-war. You made that clear on this program the other day. Did the president say anything that convinces you maybe to reconsider?

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH (D), OHIO: The president did not make his case. Nothing the president said indicated there was any new information. As a matter of fact, what he said was actually contradicted by Mohamed El Baradei of the United Nations who has had the inspectors there. Iraq doesn't have any nuclear capabilities and the president knows that, so there's no case for war. And, there's a case for inspections, however. The inspections should continue and the United Nations process should continue to work.

BLITZER: All right. Congressman Hunter, I don't believe the president ever said last night that the Iraqis do have a nuclear capability already, although they might one day. But go ahead, Congressman Hunter, and TELL CONGRESSMAN KUCINICH WHY HE'S WRONG.

This crap needs to stop. Please contact Wolf Blitzer and tell him that you disapprove of his (and CNN's) constant stream of pro-Bush, pro-war propaganda.

We used to have real journalism in this country. We now have Pravda.
Turner's Exit Raises Questions About CNN

Turner is "apoplectic" about what has happened to CNN, said Porter Bibb, an analyst for Technology Partners and another Turner biographer. Turner built a network with an unglamorous focus on news and, in the past few years, CNN has tried jazzy promotions of personalities like Connie Chung, Aaron Brown and Paula Zahn.


Auletta, said his immediate thought after Wednesday's announcement was that Turner might try to reacquire CNN. But he concluded it was unlikely.
Turner, who told Wallace he has lost between $7 billion and $8 billion because of the tumbling AOL Time Warner stock, may no longer have the resources to buy back his creation, he said. Turner also has extensive philanthropic commitments, including a $1 billion donation to United Nations causes.

AOL Time Warner may be interested in selling some of its resources, but less likely to shed the profitable and prestigious CNN, he said.

Maura Donlan, a Turner spokeswoman, would not comment on Thursday when asked if her boss would be interested in buying CNN. Tricia Primrose, an AOL Time Warner spokesman, noted that Turner said he wanted to devote more time to his philanthropic interests when he told Parsons he was living. "Anything else is speculation and we don't comment on that," she said.

"I think it's likely that he will make a bid for CNN," Bibb said. Turner cares deeply about the network and is clearly disturbed at its direction.

Oh, please do find a way to wrestle CNN away from the Corporate Presstitutes, Ted! The network you so painstakingly built has become a bad joke. Nothing but pro-war propaganda and 24/7 fear-mongering. Watching today's CNN is like watching a Saturday Night Live parody, nothing more. The troubling thing is, many people still believe that they are being given the truth, and that is not the case anymore. CNN lies.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

The purpose of this entry is to build a little on my earlier post regarding the Culture of Hate in America that is being fueled daily by Rightwing Spewers such as Rush Limbaugh -- and countless others. Rush, Hannity and Boortz are probably the worst examples. Well, actually Crazy Ann Coulter beats them all hands down, but, hopefully her full blown insanity is clear to everyone by now. Hopefully.

CNN actually did a "Good Thing" (for a change) today by publishing this article on Nelson Mandela's critical (and terrifically on-target) comments about WarMonger Bush. (Although I do have to wonder why it is buried in the WORLD section of their website and not in their POLITICS section) Mr. Mandela quite rightly says "one power with a president who has no foresight, who cannot think properly, is now wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust."

Anyway, I wandered over to Lucianne Goldberg's Forum for Frothing Wingnuts and was simply astounded at what I found there. I'm going to post a few excerpts of the truly vile and seriously dangerous things being said about Mr. Nelson Mandela, an Internationally recognized man of wisdom and peace. And I want you to think about what this says about the state of political discourse in America in 2003. I hope it makes you as sad --- and as worried --- as it makes me. All of the statements below were posted by different (but clearly equally deranged) individuals.

When is someone going to finally put a bullet in that idiot's head?

I'll put the thoughts of that 'former president' in the toilet bowl along side thoughts of our 'former president.' They're both commies.

Byte me, Mannie. Why don't you go Bar-B-Q a pygmy like your buddies to the north of you.

Mandela is a living advertisement for why aparthied was the right thing.

And this marxist pig of a terrorist should be *plunged* back behind bars.

Just another Afro-Communist scumbag soon (not soon enough) to be worm food.

Okay, I don't know about you, but reading this stuff is truly stomach-turning for me. Even worse, is the realization that these people have BEEN TAUGHT to think like this! It's no wonder our country is so hated and feared right now. This sort of vicious and mindless hate-spew goes on across America each and every day. And Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, and Neal Boortz, and Ann Coulter, and Michael Savage, and Don Imus, and Glenn Beck and countless other "Rush Wannabes" ARE TO BLAME.

What is it "Conservatives" are always bleating? "Words mean something."

Yes. They do.

One more thing. Need I remind you who is a regular guest on Rush Limbaugh's 3-Hours-of-Hate-a-Thon? Our bunkered, undisclosed and unelected Vice President, Dick Cheney.
Speaking of being socially responsible, if you haven't already, please take the time to write Rush Limbaugh's radio show sponsors and ask them to stop supporting this hateful Demagogue. We should not have to live in a society where public servants like Tom Daschle and his family receive DEATH THREATS. Those of us who oppose Junior's Oil War 2 should NOT have to put up with being called "Anti-American" and more. Thanks to Rush -- and his brethren Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz -- this is exactly what it's come to in our country.

There is already evidence that this campaign to put a stop to Rush's outrageous venom is having an effect.

Ads rushing out of Limbaugh show?


Micheal Stinson, a Vietnam-era veteran, is co-founder of Take Back The Media. Obviously never a Rush fan, Stinson and his cohorts were content to largely ignore the king of reactionary talk radio -- until he weighed in on the recent anti-war protests, calling participants "anti-American," "anti-capitalist" and "communists," among other terms.

"He just went too far," said Stinson. "Don't call me anti-American. I served this country."

When he decided to go after Limbaugh, Stinson said "we were told we would have to nip at his heels, to start by contacting local advertisers." He ignored that advice, however, and posted a list, complete with contact information, of top sponsors.

"Within 18 hours, RadioShack (RSH: news, chart, profile) had folded. Within 36 hours, Amtrak was gone and Bose told us they were no longer advertising on the show," Stinson said.
Turner to leave key AOL post

Ted Turner is quitting as vice chairman of AOL Time Warner's board, marking the latest in a series of departures at the struggling parent of Atlanta-based Turner Broadcasting and CNN.


Turner, the flamboyant media legend who founded CNN, didn't give any interviews Wednesday -- not even to CNN, which tried to book him for "Lou Dobbs Moneyline."

In a written statement, Turner, 64, said he is giving up the board post to devote more time to personal interests and several "socially responsible business efforts."

Sounds like a slap in the face to me. I sure wish CNN would stop LYING to the public and be "socially responsible" themselves. But I'm certainly not holding my breath.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

The CNN/AOL/TimeWarner/ Shake Up Continues...

BREAKING NEWS: Ted Turner resigns as vice chairman of AOL/TimeWarner. More later.

Forced out? Or resigned in disgust at what has become of his once respectable network?

"Across the Earth, America is feeding the hungry; more than 60 percent of international food aid comes as a gift from the people of the United States."

From a REAL President:

Ex-US President Jimmy Carter Slams 'Arrogant' US Foreign Policy

Carter, who will receive the Nobel prize on December 10 in Oslo, Norway for his efforts in seeking negotiated settlements to head off violent conflict, also noted that the United States gives only one one-thousandth of its gross national product for international assistance, while the average European country gives four times as much.

"For every time an American gives a dollar, a citizen of Norway gives 17 dollars," he said.

"Foreign aid in this country has a bad name, but in other countries, it's a right thing for the government to do. And that's where we at the Carter Center quite often have to turn," the former president said, referring to the Atlanta-based Carter Center he founded some 20 years ago, and which now operates humanitarian projects in 65 countries.

"Your enemy is not surrounding your country; your enemy is ruling your country. And the day that he is removed from power will be the day of your liberation."

Wait a sec. Who's he talking to here? Us or the Iraqis?

Us I think.
Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, in the Land Down Under, early reactions to Shrub's latest pack of warmongering lies are not quite so rosey.

What did you think of President Bush's State of the Union speech and has it helped convince you of the potential dangers posed by Saddam?

some sample comments...

I thought two items were prominent by their absence. 1) a list of the US and UK firms that actually supplied the bits and pieces for Iraq's weapons of mass death, and 2) any clue how Bush proposes to dig the US out from under the prospect of a decade of record budget deficits (largely brought on by his tax cuts for the wealthy). I see no reason to change my view that he is a liar and a hypocrite.

It seems like not too many people are buying what Shrub is selling...

The State of the Union address was, as expected - a conglomeration of cliches, one liners and a whole heap of crap!. no doubt John Howard was making notes so he could frame his comments correctly.In regard to the comments by It is about the Iraqi people....stupid! Yes, I am convinced. Bush's only motivation is the liberation of the Iraqi people. That's why he plans to launch 800 cruise missiles in the first 48hours, that's why he plans to use nuclear weapons on underground command centres. UN estimates 1million refugees and 7.5 million internally displaced and an estimated 500,000 dead.One can only hope that what goes around comes around - and if there is a God, Russia and China will eliminate the real Terrorist. George W.Bush.....the sooner the better.

One more:

There is no evidence for a war in Iraq. The Bush administration has allowed the people of the US to believe that Iraq was involved in the September 11 atrocity, even though it is not true. Iraq has been brutalised by war and sanctions for over 10 years. It's time for another approach. This is now a war to save Bush's face. We should be ashamed of ourselves and our government, which is desparate for a free trade agreement with the US, and cheaper petrol way down the line. Say NO to this war!

Oh yeah. Where's Osama? The original "evil-doer" didn't even rate one mention last night. Wonder why....
Hear that sound? That's the sound of dozens of Presstitutes stumbling all over themselves to smear lipstick on a pig.

The choruses of praise for Junior's rehashed lies and soundbites are truly amazing. Their unabashed transparency itself is a sight to behold, and would be funny if it weren't so serious.

The whole charade is simply appauling. But when I heard Connie Chung wonder aloud on CNN why Junior would even seek support for his Oil War because when we start bombing he'll have "100% of American's support" I nearly dropped my pretzels and fell out of my chair. Just how moronic can one person be? Sheesh.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Last Sunday on Late Edition Little Wolfie Blitzer let White House Communication Director Dan Bartlett BLATANTLY LIE about ties between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda.

BARTLETT: The history is clear. He has them, he's used them in the past on his own people and on invading, in invading other countries, he has a relationship, his regime has had a relationship with terrorist organizations throughout his tenure, particularly with al Qaeda, as well.

Excuse me -- Mr. Bartlett, Wolfie -- that is a huge whopper of a LIE, no matter how often King Georgie's handlers put the words in his mouth. Hey Wolf -- Mr. Presstitute -- did it ever occur to you to correct the liar? Isn't it IMPORTANT that we American's get the TRUTH from our Media and from spokespersons for Junior???

Here's a quote from Daniel Benjamin, who served on the National Security Council from 1994 to 1999. This story was originally published in The New York Times in September 2002:

Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda Are Not Allies


Iraq and Al Qaeda are not obvious allies. In fact, they are natural enemies. A central tenet of Al Qaeda's jihadist ideology is that secular Muslim rulers and their regimes have oppressed the believers and plunged Islam into a historic crisis.


The claims of the national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that senior Qaeda officials have been in Baghdad and that there is evidence of cooperation on weapons of mass destruction represent a dramatic departure from the record and, as such, ought to be aired as comprehensively as possible.

Amazing, isn't it? We have a bunch of pathological liars in charge -- from Junior to Condi Rice to Criminally Insane Donald Rumsfeld -- and what does Wolf Blitzer do when Dan Bartlett lets fly with this blatant lie? He changes the subject... to new poll numbers.

Un-freaking-believable. This must stop! Please contact CNN and DEMAND that they start telling us the TRUTH!

Daniel Ellsberg -- the man responsible for releasing the Pentagon Papers and changing the course of the Vietnam War -- speaks out on the pathetic and irresponsible way that our current crop of Presstitutes are "covering" Junior's Oil War 2.

Source of Pentagon Papers Critiques Iraq Coverage


One question the press is not asking: Is there a single high military man who believes this war should happen now, that it is appropriate and [the] risks worthwhile? Every indication leaking out is that most feel that it is far from certain, even unlikely, that the war will be as short and successful as the civilian bosses say. What are we gaining here that is worth the chance of a disastrous outcome? The military chiefs do not agree with civilians in the Pentagon as far as we can tell. And does anyone in State or the CIA strongly favor war?

Another question not asked is: What do we do if Saddam launches chemical weapons, nerve gas, etc., against invading U.S. troops? Based on my years of experience within government and familiarity with such scenarios, let me say I am certain we have contingency plans for use of nuclear weapons in response to a successful use of gas against our troops. I would say there's a significant chance that we will respond by initiating nuclear war.

So you should press officials hard. Ask: "Under what conditions would you use nuclear weapons? Are there plans? Have targets been picked?" Ask: "Are there nuclear weapons in that region right now?"

There must be a public discussion of how serious we are in possibly using nuclear [weapons]. But officials don't want to do that fearing it will scare the public and our allies who may think they are out of their minds. In fact, they are smart guys -- who are out of their minds.

Another question, about how the oil reserves play out in this -- has that issue been fully explored for the American public, and have they weighed it adequately? Again, if you read the foreign press, you'll see a lot of serious discussion of a "war for oil," and even the pros and cons of that, and I don't see that in the American press. So the public is not being asked to address a powerful motive for this war.
Wolfie Blitzer's Question of the Day is: When it comes to Iraq, whom do you trust more? The Bush administration or The United Nations

When I checked, the United Nations was easily winning with 61% of the vote. Now let's see if CNN a) pulls the question or b) rewords it. They've done this in the past when their results were embarrassing to the Bushies.

Monday, January 27, 2003

Did I tell you how much I love Janeane Garofalo? This brave (and very funny) woman put that lying putz Howie Kurtz in his place during his laughable show on CNN!!! Hey, Presstitute Puppets --- your strings are showing! Heh.


KURTZ: You've been all over the tube, from "Good Morning America" to CNN, MSNBC, Fox, speaking out against war with Iraq. Are the anchors taking you seriously, or are you just the entertainment?

GAROFALO: No, I don't think that they are taking me too seriously. I think they use actors to marginalize the anti-war movement. They have them on, and then sort of are slightly condescending.

I mean, not all the interviews have been like that, but historically the mainstream media has never been particularly friendly to any socially progressive ideas, you know. The mainstream media is hostile to the civil rights movement and the suffragist movement and abolitionists, and, I don't know why, but the mainstream media seems to kind of always take a somewhat hostile approach, or dismissive approach, to dealing with any socially progressive ideas. The peace movement...

KURTZ: So why are you putting yourself on the firing line if you feel you are being condescended to?

GAROFALO: Well, I actually -- it's a drag. I would much rather they talk to Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. I think that would be fantastic, and they certainly know a lot more than I do, but I have access to the media. I have been asked to be on some of these shows, and I for one am not going to let the Bush administration and the mainstream media roll right over me. And I'm not going to go quietly into this war, if we're going into the war, because I vehemently disagree with it and I disagree with a lot of Bush administration foreign policy.

And I feel like if I can give a voice to the millions of Americans who are in the -- who advocate peace and diplomacy, then I feel an obligation to do that.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Eric Alterman gets it.

Bush Lies, Media Swallows


President Bush is a liar. There, I said it, but most of the mainstream media won't. Liberal pundits Michael Kinsley, Paul Krugman and Richard Cohen have addressed the issue on the Op-Ed pages, but almost all news pages and network broadcasts pretend not to notice. In the one significant effort by a national daily to deal with Bush's consistent pattern of mendacity, the Washington Post's Dana Milbank could not bring himself (or was not allowed) to utter the crucial words. Instead, readers were treated to such complicated linguistic circumlocutions as: Bush's statements represented "embroidering key assertions" and were clearly "dubious, if not wrong." The President's "rhetoric has taken some flights of fancy," he has "taken some liberties," "omitted qualifiers" and "simply outpace[d] the facts." But "Bush lied"? Never.


Reporters and editors who "protect" their readers and viewers from the truth about Bush's lies are doing the nation--and ultimately George W. Bush--no favors. Take a look at the names at that long black wall on the Mall. Consider the tragic legacy of LBJ's failed presidency. Ask yourself just who is being served when the media allow Bush to lie, repeatedly, with impunity, in order to take the nation into war.

The usually fairly decent White House reporter Dana Milbank has occasionally shown some courage in reporting on the Busheviki --- even though he still can't seem to come right out and state the obvious -- BUSH LIES.

But, when guest-hosting CNN's Late Edition, he allowed David "Axis of Evil" Frum to make the ridiculous assertion that Bush is honest without any sort of challenge. It seems that in the fantasy world of CNNLand, any sort of truthful discussion of our Liar in Chief is verboten. Shame on you, Dana. We expect better.

Bush Is Racking Up "Frequent Liar Miles"


Again, we find that “lie and rely” has easily overcome sporadic, ink-based attacks. In October, for example, Washington Post reporter Dana Millbank detailed several jaw-dropping lies about Iraq and other matters, which he described euphemistically as presidential “flights of fancy.” But the airwaves held firm, and Millbank himself got back on the team when he guested January 12 on CNN’s Late Edition (click here for the transcript: to discuss The Right Man, a book about Bush by his former speech writer, David Frum.

A controversial passage was displayed on the screen and read aloud by host Wolf Blitzer (who missed the irony that the controversy revolved around those parts of the passage that appear to be true, rather than the one assertion that is patently false):

“George W. Bush is a very unusual person — a good man who is not a weak man. He has many faults. He is impatient and quick to anger, sometimes glib, even dogmatic, often uncurious and, as a result, ill-informed, more conventional in his thinking than a leader probably should be. But outweighing the faults are his virtues: decency, honesty, rectitude, courage and tenacity.”

Yep, Frum wrote “honesty.” Millbank, who knew better, didn’t bat an eye or squeak a peep. Nor did the presumably clueless Blitzer.

When journalists are this deferential and reverential, there’s no limit to the frequent liar miles Bush can accumulate.