Saturday, January 11, 2003

Mark Morford, a columnist for SF Gate, is a national treasure. He's still got a-ways to go before he reaches Helen Thomas status, but, then, so does anybody.

Happy Imbeciles At War

Perhaps you wonder just where in the hell is the spineless major media in all this, as they watch the chicken-hawk Shrubster himself, between golf swings, announce how tens of thousands of American troops are being sent to the Gulf alongside an enormous billion-dollar military buildup and imminent gobs of heaping death raining down upon a paltry oppressed nation and coming up next on CNN, we interview that dumb guy from "Joe Millionaire." Perfect.

Perhaps you wonder where is the national TV coverage of all those huge anti-war protests, hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world, from Spain to Berlin to New York to San Francisco.

Perhaps you wonder where are all the "serious" journalists, the risk-taking news agencies pointing up the absurdity of it all, the imminent horror, the outrage. Could it be these news agencies are owned by major conservative corporations? Could it be they're all terrified of losing ratings, of saying something unpopular, of invoking Cheney's wrath, of losing advertiser dollars and that ever-precious, ever-dwindling dumbed-down audience? One guess.
CNN tells reporters: No propaganda, except American

In an extraordinary directive to its staff, Cable News Network has instructed reporters and anchormen to tailor their coverage of the US war against Afghanistan to downplay the toll of death and destruction caused by American bombing, for fear that such coverage will undermine popular support for the US military effort.
Here's a great example of what I'm talking about in the post below. It is mindboggling that CNN gets away with this stuff. Mono-Media Corporate Presstitutes taking orders from The Pentagon, spreading misinfo and lies. THIS is our "Free" PRESS??? Give me a break!

Gulf War Stories the Media Loved -- Except They Aren't True
With a banner proclaiming "SHOWDOWN: IRAQ" CNN does the Pentagon's bidding, as usual, spreading their pro-war propaganda... Does anyone really doubt that when the Pentagon manufactures some bogus "smoking gun" that CNN (and their ugly stepsister-in-crime, Faux News) will be shouting it from the rooftops? ALL WAR, ALL THE TIME. That should be CNN's new motto.... Gotta boost those ratings, dontcha know.

Report suggests missing pilot alive in Iraq

From Barbara Starr

CNN Washington Bureau

Friday, January 10, 2003 Posted: 11:00 AM EST (1600 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The United States in recent months has received another intelligence report suggesting U.S. Navy Capt. Scott Speicher is alive in Iraq, but intelligence sources emphasize they have not corroborated the information and have nothing to indicate it is accurate.
The Lapdog Conversion of CNN

by Kurt Nimmo

In an August 15 news item carried by Press Gazette Online, Rena Golden, the executive vice-president and general manager of CNN International, admitted censoring news regarding the US war in Afghanistan. This censorship, she explained, "wasn't a matter of government pressure, but a reluctance to criticize anything in a war that was obviously supported by the vast majority of the people."

How exactly the American public are expected to judge the validity of the US war in Afghanistan--and, indeed, the entire war on terrorism--when news organizations refuse to provide crucial information is not explained. In essence, Golden admits public opinion is cast by one source--the government--and the media has essentially abrogated its responsibility to provide additional, even contrary information on these momentous issues.

Friday, January 10, 2003

I'd like to thank MediaWhoresOnline for adding my Blog to their affiliates list, "THE WATCHERS". MWO is the Godfather (take that, Rush!) of Media Watchdog sites, and has provided me with countless hours of enjoyment, amusement, and teeth-grinding outrage for years now. Long Live The Horse!

Similarly, a big thank you to Buzzflash for linking me today. Buzzflash is a treasure trove of great news stories -- stories that are usually buried and/or ignored by the Presstitutes of CNN and Faux News. They really deserve your support -- they accept donations -- OR you can buy a great book and part of the proceeds go to supporting their important work. Check 'em out!
The Media: Playing Tag with John Edwards


The media is in dire need of a shakeup. The exhibited bias is not even subtle anymore. For Mr. Edwards, the "multimillionaire trial lawyer" tag may be enough to prove damaging to his campaign -- even before he has had ample opportunity to establish his view on the issues. I remember another candidate, not so long ago, who had a difficult time distancing himself from the words "stiff," "untrustworthy," and "reinventing himself." Oh yeah... and "Inventor of the Internet."
A Blast from the recent past:

Is There a Reporter in the House? AOL/Time Warner/CNN Campaign Against Democrat Alex Sanders For Senate


What is the effect on CNN's (and Time magazine's) appearance of impartiality when its parent company is mailing out political pamphlets and endorsing specific candidates?

Does this mailing signify (as can be presumed) that AOL/Time/Warner, CNN, and Time Magazine oppose responsible gun laws?

Is the Board of Directors of AOL/Time/Warner even aware of what its wholly owned magazine, "Field and Stream" is doing?
Candy Crowley explains why CNN pays her the Big Bucks: She whores for the Right and bashes Democrats.

CNN correspondent: Democrats' 'whining' proved costly


"George W. Bush was the El Nino of the last election," Crowley began. "Everywhere he went, he changed the temperature. He spent his political capital."

What he got in return, Crowley said, was legitimacy.


Looking ahead to the 2004 presidential election, Crowley said the Democratic Party needs only two things: "Something to say, and someone to say it. Mostly what we've heard is whining."

On Sunday, November 24, some 100 protestors marched on CNN Center to protest Corporate Media bias. Citing a list of demands they called upon CNN to "de-emphasize up-to-the-minute coverage which perpetuates a 'culture of fear' and provide adequate and accurate coverage of anti-war campaigns happening across the country."

CNN tried their best to suppress the story -- publishing and then almost immediately pulling a story about the protest on their website. CNN has refused to comment on the censorship or on the protest.

CNN/TimeWarner/AOL.... Mono-Media, Corporate Presstitutes. They'll see our sons and daughters slaughtered before they'll tell us the truth about war.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Hey, how's this for cynical! CNN sure wants to Get Their War On! Who knows how many people will die in this war, and CNN/AOL/TimeWarner just sees it as a BIG STORY -- one that they intend to "own". Sick, sick, sick.

CNN on shaky ground in Baghdad


Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle

HOLLYWOOD -- Should war break out in the Persian Gulf, CNN intends to "own the story" just as it did during the Gulf War of 1991, even though the Iraqi government has kicked the network's Baghdad bureau chief out of the country. Coverage could include reports from the front lines, CNN executives said Monday night.


If a new conflict erupts, CNN has "a few tricks up our sleeve" for getting the story out, Jordan said.

"I really don't want to tip our hand at this point," he said, although he admitted one of the advantages is "better videophone technology."

"Just today (Monday), we made a commitment to spend several hundred thousand more dollars to put new equipment into the field that's never been seen in any war previously, and I think this will pay off for us handsomely," Jordan said.

"We're looking at adding hundreds of journalists to the region should we come to war, and I can't imagine anybody coming anyplace else for their Gulf War coverage," he added.

--more at link--
Every now and then you can find some tiny grains of TRUTH on the normally LYING CNN/AOL/TimeWarner psuedo-news channel. Here's what you do: Turn the sound down and keep your eye on the tickertape scrolling text that runs across the bottom of the screen.

On rare occasions there will be some little factoid that is true, that is important, that could help you try to understand the insanity that has become our daily lives under BushCo. Of course, you'll never hear one spoken word about it coming from the lips of the Corporate Whores that pose as journalists on CNN. But you CAN take that little nugget and do some digging on Search Engines to find out more (preferably not Google, since they apparently colluded with CNN to scrub the protest story).

Wednesday, January 08, 2003


CNN Proves Our Point! -- Story about Protest Wiped From the Web
Why did CNN pull THIS STORY from it's own website within hours of posting it???? What is CNN afraid of? THE TRUTH???

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Jeff Greenfield, On "Inside Politics", 1/3/03, doing his part to smear John Edwards:

"There was North Carolina Senator John Edwards walking with his children and appearing on every TV program, except "Survivor." Edwards talked so much about regular Americans, it sounded a bit like an ad for Metamucil."

Cute, Jeff. Did you come up with that one all by yourself or was it part of your RNC-produced script?
Here's a "fair use" snip from CNN of Wolfie Blitzer trying to shut up Julianne Malveaux when she exposes the fact that our Appointed (p)Resident went AWOL from TANG during Vietnam.... "Let's move on, let's move on." Yeah, right Wolfie. Let's move on, away from the TRUTH... Email Wolf Blitzer and ask him why he shouted down his guest...

MALVEAUX: We've got a president who has not served, and you can't contest a president who has not served with someone who...

BLITZER: Bush was in the guard.

MALVEAUX: That doesn't count.

BLITZER: What do you mean?

MALVEAUX: Well, he went AWOL.


BLITZER: Let's move on, let's move on.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Could one -- just ONE -- of the Rightwing Liars -- err, I mean "Political Analysts" -- bloviating on CNN refer to Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator John Edwards, without calling him a "multi-millionaire trial lawyer"?

Just once?

No, it won't happen. You see, they are reading from their Rightwing script, faxed over directly from the RNC.

They have their marching orders:

Prop up the Chimp living at 1600, denigrate ALL Democrats.

This is what passes for "News" and "Political Analysis" at CNN/AOL/TimeWarner.